dig, climb, build
then tear down in the construction zone.

The Build area provides opportunities for children to investigate the applied sciences by combining and rearranging components to alter exciting objects or create new objects in an interactive way that utilize simple machines and tools. Various experiences encourage the development of problem solving skills and creative expression while maintaining a fun and exciting play environment. In build, children grab their hard hats and work vests to get to constructing and alerting their creation as they explore the applied sciences using their imagination and creativity.

Blocks are recognized as one of the most important play materials of childhood. Our Build wall and Build a city offers blocks of all sizes, shapes and colors, providing the raw material for an amazing array of creative expressions. Whether engaged in a sprawling group project or intensely focused on building a solitary structure, children test their skills in hand-eye co-ordination, proportion, balance, symmetry, spatial awareness and patience.

Using the big blue Imagination Playground blocks, children build a new world every day. They make objects like machines, rockets, ships, bridges, factories etc. They make new dramatic scenarios, settings and games to play. Most importantly, they make the rules since it is child directed and open ended. It encourages self-expression through deep, joyful play.

The natural wood unit blocks of Frame building spark children’s imagination. With the various shapes and sizes, they are able to create multiples structures.

Gear table encourages the exploration of mechanics of mathematics and engineering. Children assemble gears together to form a system of moving parts that illustrate principles such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Visitors put gears together in various combinations and then turn the gear handle to spin the gears and the center-pole, which makes the bell ring.

Dig build and construct! Explore the site and how it’s built. Children can use a live crane to move blocks from one building to another. They get the chance to dig earth with their very own fully functional earth mover situated over a dump truck and more as they discover different building exhibits that incorporate elements of a real construction zone.