run your imaginations wild,
then create & share!

Being creative is not a hobby. It’s a way of life!

Art develops the “whole child”, the thinker, the observer, the participator, the appreciator. Studies have revealed that exposure to & participation in the art is an educational necessity. Art is a tool for improving observational and motor skills, and analytical and critical thinking skills that prepare children for success in school, work and life.

Our Create gallery offers the space & materials for young artists to explore various media & foundational concepts of the visual arts: colour, line, form, texture and composition. In this studio, you can witness the energy and outpouring of creativity of our talented young artists.

Paint on glass, just as the name suggests, are glass walls that children are encouraged to paint upon. Busy hands of all ages can choose from a huge assortment of colours to create their own work of art.
Explore our collection of material on our sculpting columns to transform your idea into a spellbinding creation. As there no right ways to Sculpting, it allows children to display their individual uniqueness, thus aiding their creative ability to soar.

Mixing encourages children’s personal development by allowing them to show curiosity, develop new skills, make choices, and improve reasoning and communication. Their creative development is supported as they enjoy and respond to experience by making different types of moments, shapes & representation on large and small scales through careful differentiation of mixing of colours and paints.

Sand art is an open ended medium which enhances imagination and social skills of children. It inspires their creativity, boosts hand and eye coordination and develops their fine and motor skills. It has a calming and therapeutic effect while encouraging them to explore and experiment.