transform into budding scientists.
experiment, experience & invent.

Visitors are transformed into budding scientists in the invent exhibit area. Through experimentation & interactive’s in this gallery encourage the exploration of various physical sciences including air, gravity, magnetism, force, velocity and circuits to name a few. This exhibit area introduces physical science and process of experimentation to children using exciting cause and effect interactives.

At the entrance of this gallery a life size giant Pin screen containing more than 90,000 movable pins greets the visitors. Make a first impression over and over again. Whether pushing on the pins to leave your hand prints or to write “wow” the tactile feel of a pin screen appeals to children and adult alike and induces the fine sense of touch in young children.

The Bernoulli table and Air test column not only make the power of air visible but also encourage children to understand air along with its properties.
The Air wall captures the imagination and beckons children to experience the intrigue, sound and movement of air. Move different objects with powerful air gushing through transparent tubes. Observe which object move faster and higher.

The Scarf fountains are a wonderful contraption of connected tubes where children feed scarves in a rainbow of colors into the transparent air powered structure. The colorful scarves shoot up through the pipes at high speeds to heights of 20 feet and more and are released in a burst of energy from high above. In contrast they gently float down slowly to land on or be caught by the children.

The Air propulsion unit teaches about the principles of flight. Learn how pressurized air launches objects with tremendous force.

Bring out the engineer in you and Invent your own car using lego blocks. Race with your friends. The timers on our invent a car racetrack are accurate to the second. Want to make it go faster? Go back to the work table to make changes and then race it again to see if it worked.

Learn different styles of making paper airplanes in Invent a plane airplanes that fly far and fast, ones that do flips and ones that glide. Children understand about flight, aerodynamics and science form models made form folds in a paper.

Magnetism introduces magnets to children and helps them investigate forces of attraction and repulsion, magnetic and nonmagnetic surfaces, and push and pull. Create 3D models with Magna tiles and comprehend the forces of magnets.

What goes up must come down. Gravity is a basic force in the universe. Explore and test it at our Gravity ball drop.
What is an electrical circuit? How does a circuit work? How can you connect a power source to make something work? Find answers while exploring our Circuit board.