indulge in roleplay.
become a chef or shop at the market.

The Live gallery provides opportunities for dramatic role play and self expression in a genuine inviting environment. Here children not only accept and assign roles but also act them out. They enjoy breathing through the walls of reality and dramatize situations and actions to go along with the roles they have chosen to play. Role playing continues to remain an integral part of the developmental learning process by allowing children to develop skills in areas such as abstract thinking, literacy, math and social studies. It is an effective learning tool as it encourages children to become active participants in their learning. They communicate and make decisions in characters, which allow them to take risks and explore different areas.

As visitors enter this gallery, they are engulfed by a special space where they can create and act out their own story.

In the Market, children are busy sorting out produce, shopping for nutritious foods, pushing around kid-sized carts and ringing up customer using real cash registers. The market is complete with a variety of departments including produce, bakery, dairy and packaged foods.

In the Café next door, young chefs wear aprons and chef hats, and are busy taking orders, preparing food and serving them fresh to hungry customers.

The Dig-pit bustles with activity as young lads are busy sorting through the rubber shavings and looking for produce. They then further sort it out according to the colors. Look out for good and bad bugs present around and find out which of them help farmers and which don’t.

Step into an inviting, cozy space designed to spark your children’s love of books and reading. The books you will find in our reading room are carefully picked for various age groups. You will also find books relating to each of our play scopes.

Bean bags placed amidst lush tall green trees provide very comfortable seating.

While you’re in the Reading nook, hop behind the Puppet theater to act out a story, in the center of the gallery. The crawler meadow serves as a central gathering point for our youngest visitors. They can be found here investigating the sensory panels and other activities living the walls of the meadow.