wave, swirl, blow & pull.
discover it all with movement & power.

Water is the most open-ended play thing in the world; Children control the flow and the story.

When children investigate water, they are absorbed in a “state of play”, that expands creative thinking and inspires problem solving.

Splash gallery is one of the key components of the overall Explorium experience. This fascinating water table helps children to discover the power of water and the energy it can create!
Build a fountain motivates children to manipulate with water supply through a series of mazes built with plastic tubes. Connecting the assorted tubes to redirect water helps children learn to measure.

Explore why certain objects sink and others float. Experiment by placing dams into the slots to maneuver the flow of water. Can a flowing object travel around the dam? Will your dam overflow? The experiments are endless.
The simplicity of Painting with water inspires true artistic freedom while exercising motor skills. Children are amazed at their ability to make marks and the quick drying time allows for ample opportunities to create them over and over.

The Minnow pond is exclusively for our youngest visitors. It allows them to explore the wonders of water in this captive area. Race your boats & understand the physics of what makes unlike boats move differently. Make your own Waterfall or experience the fact that water can create music. Encounter cause and effect through water play. Smocks help keep kids dry, benches provide a place for grownups to take a break and our staff is around to encourage fun and learning.