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A field trip to the Children’s Explorium can complement and reinforce your school curriculum while also providing an ideal way to encourage students to have fun while learning. The Explorium in many ways can motivate students and support your school’s curriculum, goals and objectives. A field trip to the Explorium is important as:

Learning can be done beyond classrooms

Even though field trips are a part of the school day and linked to the curriculum, because they are in a different setting, there is a greater sense of adventure and freedom to explore, for children to think for themselves and make connections to what they have learn in the classroom. They give children a new perspective and understanding of their own potential to learn and discover, making them more motivated when they get back to school.

School trips benefit teachers as well as students

At the Explorium we want adults to get as involved in their visit as the children do. By engaging alongside the children in the playful learning experience, teachers learn a great deal about the unique way in which each child learns and views the world. Also we are told that they take many ideas back to the classroom!

It promotes the overall growth and development of children

Through different types of play, active and experiential learning opportunities as well as practical activities, children will be provided with meaningful experiences. These will stimulate their sense as well as encourage them to ask questions, explore and wonder at their environment. They will undertake investigations that engage their interests and develop awareness of the beliefs and views of others.

Children will benefit through the process of experiential learning which:

  1. Is central to good practice in education
  2. Starts with their present or past experience
  3. Encourages curiosity and exploratory play
  4. Provides an opportunity for them to recall and draw upon their experiences
  5. Enables them to explore and investigate their learning environment
  6. Encourages them to communicate, interact and talk about what they want to do
  7. Requires them to question their learning experiences
  8. Allows for new learning
  9. Allows practice of skills

The Explorium aims at the development of the following essential skills in children:

  • Observation
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Comparing
  • Sequencing
  • Classifying
  • Asking questions
  • Answering questions
  • Enquiring
  • Investigation
  • Exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Thinking
  • Listening
  • Solving problems
  • Making decision
  • Recording
  • Predicting
  • Testing
  • Communicating
  • Reflection
  • Evaluation
  • Describing
  • Development of gross and fine motor skills

A Field trip or a school picnic to the Explorium is a wonderful way to combine learning with fun. Our trained and experienced staff is there to ensure that the children and faculty both have a memorable and learning experience.

The alternate way of learning with play is surely going to ignite a lifelong thirst for knowledge in young minds.


Our school field trip package includes the following:

  • A brief orientation and overview to the Explorium.
  • A two hour facilitated and guided exploration of all the six galleries which includes interactive activities designed to enhance
    knowledge of relevant curricular concepts.
  • Free time to explore each and every exhibit.
  • Pre & Post visit extension and assessment materials for classroom use.
  • For an addition of 75 rupees per child/adult we offer fresh, nutritious and tasty snack options:
    a) veg cheese sandwiches and juice
    b) veg noodles and juice
    c) poha and juice
    Students and faculty can enjoy these snacks in our cafeteria.
  • Option to utilise lunch room for an hour (must be reserved in advance).

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